About The Save a Life Tour

The program specifically places emphasis on the following driving situations:

  • Driver Experience – young drivers and driver behavior based on maturity
  • Improper Driver Behavior – careless driving habits- speeding, turn signal use
  • Safety Restraints – proper seat belt usage
  • Impaired Driving – alcohol usage, controlled substance, drowsiness
  • Distracted Driving – cell phones, passenger activities
  • Motorcycle – awareness, operation

The Save A Life Tour utilizes several methods for educating and demonstrating the effects and consequences that are direct results of poor choices and/or decisions made by operators of a motor vehicle.

These methods are:

  • Speaking Presentation – Fact based lecture provided by Save A Life facilitators
  • Visual Presentation – Informative visual presentations showing actual footage/pictures of crashes and victim stories.
  • Interactive Demonstration – Simulation for the effects of impaired and distracted driving behavior
  • Corrective Action – Continuous interaction with Save A Life Tour facilitators throughout presentation and event
  • Knowledge Retention –Surveys, Statistical Analysis, Pledge Card, and recognition banner presented to the school to be displayed at event completion.
  • Informative Current Statistics – Current ongoing fact based data and information.


The Save A Life Tour has traveled around the world to show firsthand the deadly consequences of unsafe driving practices and choices.  This program has been presented to students at over 1500 different colleges and universities and over 600 different high schools across the country.  

Some notable sponsors that we have had the privilege to work with are listed below. 

  • Connecticut Department of Transportation– 6 year active contract to present at 60-80 high schools, technical schools and private schools each year.
  • Rhode Island Department of Transportation– 2 year contract to present at 43 locations.
  • Missouri Department of Transportation– presented at 35 different high schools over 4 years
  • Edgar Snyder & Associates– presented at 15 different high schools over 2 years
  • University of Texas Medical Branch– presented at 20 high schools and colleges over 4 years
  • Michelin North America USA– presented at 15 high schools over 3 years
  • We have also facilitated this event for many different health departments, police departments, large corporations, hospitals for use in employee training and education, including: 
    • DTE Energy
    • Wacker Chemical Co.
    • Waste Management
    • Bonneville Power

We have worked on a contract basis extensively with the military to present our program. Some of these locations include:

  • The United States Pentagon
  • Marine Corps Headquarters in Quantico, VA
  • Navy Headquarters in Norfolk, VA
  • US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD 
  • Over 200 Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy locations throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Navy ships including the USS Stennis, the USS Truman and the USS Lincoln


Some additional performances requiring extensive logistical management include tours overseas to the following countries:

  • Germany: 9 different locations 
  • Korea: 4 different locations
  • Belgium: 3 different locations
  • Italy: 2 different locations
  • Netherlands: 1 location
  • Japan: 1 location