About The Save a Life Tour

The program specifically places emphasis on the following driving situations:

  • Driver Experience – young drivers and driver behavior based on maturity
  • Improper Driver Behavior – careless driving habits- speeding, turn signal use
  • Safety Restraints – proper seat belt usage
  • Impaired Driving – alcohol usage, controlled substance, drowsiness
  • Distracted Driving – cell phones, passenger activities
  • Motorcycle – awareness, operation

The Save A Life Tour utilizes several methods for educating and demonstrating the effects and consequences that are direct results of poor choices and/or decisions made by operators of a motor vehicle.

These methods are:

  • Speaking Presentation – Fact based lecture provided by Save A Life facilitators
  • Visual Presentation – Informative visual presentations showing actual footage/pictures of crashes and victim stories.
  • Interactive Demonstration – Simulation for the effects of impaired and distracted driving behavior
  • Corrective Action – Continuous interaction with Save A Life Tour facilitators throughout presentation and event
  • Knowledge Retention –Surveys, Statistical Analysis, Pledge Card, and recognition banner presented to the school to be displayed at event completion.
  • Informative Current Statistics – Current ongoing fact based data and information.